DGDA - Prototypes 4

Project type : Residential 
Location : Diriyah district
Year : 2021
Area : 432 to 750 sqm for each villa
Work with : FA Consultants
Scope of work : Architectural and interior design / Project manager
The project is one of the models that provides a whole new living experience, with a traditional character that celebrates our heritage and authenticity while living a contemporary and modern living style. The project is a prototype that serves the land sizes in the range of (18m x 24m) to (30m x 24m) and (18m x 25m) to (30m x 25m), covering almost 576 of the lands in Diriyah Area.
Our vision in the design draws inspiration from the traditional spaces of Najd, with a focus on recreating the hospitality concept and preserving the nostalgic feel of these spaces, which are important and valued. Our aim in the design is to achieve a sense of transparency and connection within the home, while still upholding the original values of the region.
Open plan layout serves to expand the interior space and provide a view to the courtyard, bringing the outdoors into the living spaces and creating a constantly changing and vibrant atmosphere within the living spaces. This integration of nature and the passage of time helps to create truly unique and memorable living experience.

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