2280 TOWER

Project type : Office
Year : 2022
Area : 4000 sqm
Clint : Sultan Abdulaziz Al Rossais 
Work with : FA Consultants
Scope of work : Architectural design
Rising high above the bustling city of Riyadh, the office tower on King Fahd Road is a beacon of modernity and efficiency. With a vast land area of 4,000 sqm, this 24-story building boasts a total rental area of 12,800 sqm, providing ample space for businesses to thrive. Able to accommodate up to 1,600 employees, this tower is the perfect location for any company looking to make its mark on the city. In addition to its spacious offices, the building also features a grand plaza, four roof gardens, and six basement levels for parking. 
the project represents an exciting opportunity to create a new landmark for the Riyadh city, with a strong and distinctive design that will make a lasting impression.
One of the key challenges of this project is its location near the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD). and We are confident that, with careful planning and attention to detail, we was overcome this challenge and create a tower that not only complements the KAFD, but also stands out as a unique and desirable destination in its own right.
Our vision for the tower is to create a high-beauty shape that maximizes the use of every inch of space. We believe that this will not only enhance the aesthetics of the building, but also make it a more functional and efficient space for the people who use it.

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